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Geri Schrab

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10/20/2016 - 7:00pm

Geri Schrab is an award-winning watercolor artist who came to her artistic calling quite unexpectedly. Born and raised on a typical Wisconsin family dairy farm, Geri built an early relationship with the land. Although interested in art, she pursued what seemed a more secure career in court reporting. She and her husband visited their first rock art site in 199: Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site in Wyoming. So moved by the ancient messages at that site, she picked up a paintbrush and her world changed. Since then rock art has remained her sole artistic focus, painting sites across the United States, Ontario, and Australia. Her work has been featured in diverse publications and can be found in collections around the world. She serves often as artist in residence. Previous publications are Bridging Time, a fine art book, and Weaving the Past with the Present, a coloring book of North American rock art sites. Her work can be found online at www.gerischrabstudio.com.


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